Internal Innovation

Think and act like a startup.

Build strategies, business models, and market viability for new ventures inside your company. While external innovation efforts can accelerate the path to market in some cases, many opportunities are only suitable for an internal approach. ID8 helps our clients execute on these internal innovation efforts and identify growth opportunities and new revenue drivers that can be validated by the business innovation team and moved into an operating unit for commercialization.

Ideation is the process of sparking new ideas. Using exercises like problem framing and “How Might We”, our team helps you brainstorm solutions to a specific problem, prioritize ideas, and translate high-level thoughts into fully defined concepts. We will take the hundreds of ideas generated and prioritize no more than 5 actionable themes, so you come out of the session with clear nexts steps and hypotheses that are ready for Customer Discovery.

Documenting the consumer voice is an essential tenet of the innovation process, and at ID8, we use Customer Discovery to validate (or invalidate) business assumptions, identify the solutions your customers want (and are willing to pay for) and reduce the uncertainty that comes with launching a new product.

ID8 provides investigative diligence on emerging markets and technology categories to identify the most relevant players operating within each space, evaluate their strategies, determine their strengths and weaknesses, and analyze the whitespace opportunity.

The business model canvas is a great tool to help you understand a business model in a straightforward, structured way. Using this canvas will lead to insights about the customers you serve, what value propositions are offered through what channels, and how your new product or service makes money.

A minimum viable product (or MVP) is a strategy that allows you to validate an idea without having to build the entire product. The idea of an MVP can be foregin to many legacy corporations, but allows your team to test a new solution with real users and learn what resonates before committing a large budget to the product’s full development.

Innovation requires funding and resources. We’ll work with you to create the internal pitch deck so you can articulate a clear and fully developed business case, ROI, and timeline to value creation. We’ll also propose strategic partnerships that can help accelerate your time to market and reduce strain on internal resources.

Go-to-market is where a lot of innovation teams and R&D labs fail. They put so much energy into developing the product and tech, that they forget to invest in the customer relationship or channel development. Our team of Market Development Experts will work alongside your team to build personas, test value propositions, develop communication tactics, and measure the best channels for generating B2B or B2C traction.

Building internal innovation muscle takes time and practice, but sometimes, speed is more important than consulting.

When results are expected yesterday, or priorities are competing for your team’s time and full attention, ID8 can help. Our team of experts can act as your outsourced innovation arm, performing and delivering on Internal Innovation projects on behalf of our clients. Any of ID8’s offerings can be delivered as a concierge service, bringing you fully executed deliverables and outcomes.

Think of us as your own personal startup team.

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