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Innovation Strategy & Program Design

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Innovation Strategy & Program Design


Develop Realistic Action Plans for Growth

We are experts at helping organizations of all sizes launch new innovation programs for the first time, or optimize existing programs that are feeling stuck. ​Together we’ll identify the best innovation plan for your business, and help you mitigate some of the most common challenges of corporate innovation.

There’s No Such Thing as a One-Size-Fits-All Solution for Corporate Innovation

That’s why ID8 invests the time upfront to truly understand your business model, team resources, decision making process, and strategic boundaries, so that we can guide you in the development of an innovation strategy that’s right for you.

Who We Work With


Departmental Innovation Teams


Shared Innovation Team


Innovation or R&D Lab


Corporate Venture Capital (CVC)


Corporate Venture Studio


Startup Partnership Program


Accelerator or Incubator


Developer Engagement Programs


Innovate with Intent

Strategy defines how innovation will contribute to the achievement of business objectives. It is the opposite of performing “random acts of innovation.” It means that your company has undertaken innovation with specific challenges in mind, and we are innovating with a purpose and plan.


Define the Charter and Governance Plan

What does the innovation team actually do and how do you measure success? Identifying how your team is different from the other core business groups, what rules you adhere to, and where you have the flexibility to challenge “how things have always been done” are all critical aspects of the innovation charter. That’s why ID8 helps its client design (or refine) a governance model that creates internal alignment around the process of innovation.


Idenfity Focus Areas

Successful innovation teams are focused on a handful of strategic priorities at a time, and are designed to move from one priority to the next as they achieve their initial goals and as new priorities emerge. To develop effective solutions, large markets opportunities need to be broken down into concrete, addressable ‘challenge’ statements. ID8’s clients approach the Focus Area identification process deliberately and find themselves well positioned to obtain high-level support for key initiatives.


Align Innovation with Corporate Goals

The innovation team is not designed to accomplish company-wide growth in a silo. ID8 facilitates workshops and discovery exercises with executives and key stakeholders to help them articulate their vision for the business, as well as what is preventing them from getting there today. This communication forms the input for prioritizing innovation focus areas, and inspiring the innovation team to devise ideas and solutions that advance those goals.

Incubation Partnership Model

The ID8 team draws from decades of combined startup, venture capital, and corporate innovation experience to pursue new opportunities with less business risk. By partnering with us you can expand on your core business or create new ventures both quickly and effectively. We can embed ourselves within your organization to enhance your commercialization efforts, or we can lead an incubation effort from inception to launch.

Incubation Process

Our process leverages tested lean innovation methodologies and established design process models. Each step alternates between divergent and convergent thinking to discover new possibilities and then zero in on the winning ideas.


In the Discover phase we dive deeply into the problem area to uncover insights that might validate or invalidate hypotheses about the problem, potential solutions—or might uncover meaningful insights about industry, market, and macroeconomic forces. While no two Discover phases will look exactly alike, we always insist on having discovery interviews to connect directly with people who are expeirencing the problem.


Once we have gathered insights during the Discover phase, we will conduct multiple synthesis sessions to organize those insights into meaningful themes. We then further define the problem area to arrive at a common, validated problem statement to set the stage for true solutions.


Once we’ve uncovered insights an put them into their proper context we engage various stakeholders in ideation sessions to generate several ideas from a common understanding of the problem. From many perspectives, and guided creativity and collaboration, we get a variety of ideas to work with.


Once we’ve settled on some winning ideas we can test prototypes and key business case hypotheses. Through a carefully crafted but rapid series of experiments we can generate something that is research-based and actionable. It could be a refined prototype, a complete business model canvas, or a pitch deck to help you go to market.





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