CLYR Announces Groundbreaking Technology in Air Quality Monitoring and Appoints David Steigelfest as CEO

May 23, 2024
By ID8 Team

ID8 Innovation is proud to announce the launch of its first joint venture in partnership with Unlimit Ventures. CLYR demonstrates the high potential of this venture studio partnership, which merges software, hardware, and artificial intelligence capabilities with entrepreneurial experience and tested innovation processes.

From today’s press release:

CLYR, a new high-tech startup with a focus on air quality, is excited to announce its ongoing research and development of a revolutionary air quality monitoring system. Utilizing artificial intelligence and advanced imaging technologies, CLYR aims to successfully identify different types of microscopic airborne particles, providing homeowners with a granular level view of what’s their air.


CLYR is a joint venture between Unlimit Ventures and ID8 Innovation. Unlimit Ventures brings its deep expertise in hardware development, while ID8 Innovation offers vast experience in early-stage entrepreneurial discovery and venture creation.


The company is also thrilled to announce the appointment of David Steigelfest as CEO. David, an experienced entrepreneur and tech veteran, was previously part of the executive team and a member of the board of directors that led Super League Enterprise (Nasdaq: SLE) through a successful IPO.


David Steigelfest expressed, “I am honored to lead CLYR in developing this game-changing technology. Our commitment to advancing air quality monitoring will significantly impact public health and well-being.”


Keith David, Chief Technology Officer at CLYR, added, “The driving force behind our efforts is a desire to provide professional-level insights in a consumer device, making air quality monitoring more accessible and precise than ever before.”


For more information about CLYR and its innovative solutions, visit CLYR’s website.


About CLYR:
CLYR is dedicated to revolutionizing air quality monitoring with advanced technology that provides detailed insights and targeted solutions for homeowners. Backed by a team of experienced engineers and entrepreneurs, CLYR aims to deliver accessible, accurate, and comprehensive air quality data.


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