Data collection and confidentiality

During this study, we will collect certain data from
you, which may include:

  • Demographic information
  • Geographic location
  • (For live interviews only) a name you share with us to go by during our conversation
  • Your habits, preferences, and experiences related to the topic(s) outlined in the study description that you share with us during the study
  • Video/audio recording of you while you participate in the study
  • An email address for the purpose of receiving a meeting invite with a meeting link.

This data will be used exclusively to document insights for the study, and solely for the purposes outlined in the study’s description.

Any personal information that you choose to share will be kept confidential, and all data will be stored

If you have any questions regarding this study, please reach out to

Once you’ve read this, please navigate back to the consent form to continue with the study.

Thank you,

ID8 Innovation Research Team





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